Louvre Roof Systems

The Australian sun is often harsh and unforgiving, but who doesn’t like spending some time out on the lawn enjoying the fresh air? If you are one of them, you should consider installing a louvre roof system in your home outdoor living area or verandah.

Louvre roofs are a series of partially open slats or blades used as roofs to provide shade on patios and lawns. The louvre blades can even be open and closed, depending on the weather condition and ventilation requirements.

Louvre systems offer shade to your outdoor area, and they are quite versatile. Whether your home’s architecture is traditional or postmodern, you can find the perfect louvre system that fits your home’s aesthetic. 

We offer a wide range of louvre roof systems that suit all kinds of purposes, whether you want something to keep the rain out or sunlight, or if you want something that brings in more fresh breeze into your home.

Benefits of a Louvered Patio Roof System

Louvred patio roofs are a terrific addition to your home because they offer many benefits apart from just blocking the sunlight and improving the appearance of your home. 

The most prominent benefit of installing a louvred roof is year-round weather protection. Louvred roofs block the harsh sunlight and only let in natural light, which cools down your home significantly. This also makes your home more energy-efficient.

Also, they block the rains from washing out your patio and getting into your home. Plus, you can adjust them to your liking to let in just the right amount of sun or air. 

Not many people know this, but louvred roof systems also significantly boost your property’s value. Installing the louvre system in your house is an investment that pays itself off when you go to sell the property. In most cases, louvred roof systems provide an ROI of 80%!

Lastly, louvred roof systems expand your home’s living space. With a dedicated verandah, you get more opportunities and space to work, rest, workout, play, or socialise with your loved ones. Plus, you can even host memorable outdoor parties under your louvred patio roof system.

Are Louvred Roofs Waterproof?

Many homeowners have the misconception that louvred roofs don’t hold up to weather, which is not true. Louvred roofs are made to hold up to the weather—they are built to block sunlight and rain. 

There are various kinds of louvred roofs, from stationary ones to automatic aluminium pergolas. Still, many of them are waterproof and can easily hold up to even the heaviest of rains. Many homeowners choose our louvre roofs for the purpose of blocking rain on your patio. So, you don’t have to worry about your louvre system being damaged by the rains.

Louvre Roof Prices Australia

Louvred roof systems are a terrific investment and add-on to your home. As mentioned above, they offer excellent benefits to you, from weather protection to increased property value. Plus, louvre roof systems also make your house more energy efficient by blocking the harsh weather, which helps you save a lot of money. 

Plus, even if the upfront cost of it may seem high, you must remember that louvred roof systems are built to last. We offer high-quality roof systems in Australia that will last for many years to come.

How Much Does it Cost for a Louvre Roof System?

The exact price of a retractable loured opening roof depends on various factors, including the materials, square footage of the area, and additional accessories.

When you first contact us, we calculate the area that needs to be covered with the louvred roof. Then, we discuss the kind of opening roof you want to install and the materials you’d like to use, like powder-coated aluminium or wood. We then let you pick out the accessories you’d like on your roof, e.g., fans, LED lights, motors, or a rain sensor. 

We offer the best prices in town for louvred roof systems, but in general, the cost varies from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the scope of your project.

Are Louvre Roofs Worth It?

Retractable louvred roofs are a terrific addition to your home. As mentioned above, they make your home energy-efficient, improve your comfort, increase the property value, and have a good ROI, along with many other benefits. These benefits and the low cost make them totally worth it.

However, if you are still wondering if they are the right investment for you, give us a call right now. We can help you pick the best kind of loured roof that suits your lifestyle needs. Whether you are someone who wants to host outdoor dinner parties for your guests or love reading a book outdoor space in the quiet afternoons despite the sun, we have the right louvred roof for you. Give us a call now.